Testimonial by Ken W. White
Retired Hospital President/CEO

It is well known the atrocities that the people in certain parts of the world are suffering. We know that they are suffering from lack of the support -medical, supplies, food, safety etc. that we take for granted in our wonderful country.

The dedicated men and women of Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond (PPAB) have taken up the challenge to provide medical expertise and support to the suffering parts of the world. To date this support has taken the form of volunteer time to Haiti along with provision of supplies and logistics to the degree that they are able to provide those resources. These caring folks have thus far made 5 trips to Haiti to provide assistance at their own expense and on their own time. As a registered charity PPAP are making plans to travel to other areas of the world to ease suffering and renew hope.

As a healthcare professional for most of my life, I applaud and respect very much this personal commitment of Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond and their emergency support colleagues! This is an unselfish and compelling example of reaching out to help those less fortunate who are suffering immeasurably. This represents a great opportunity for us to “partner” with them in this important humanitarian initiative that takes them anywhere there is a need. I am delighted to support this cause financially and by giving my time to Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond! Will you Walk With Us in this very important cause!

Let’s partner with the Peterborough Paramedics &Beyond on this journey to serve these very important International causes to address the needs of the suffering!

Ken W. White
Retired Hospital President/CEO