Nicaragua 2020


This is your personal invitation to financially “walk with” Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond for the purpose of providing ongoing medical care to those in need.

Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond (PPAB) is excited to be sending a medical team to Diriamba Nicaragua, September 2020 for seven days  This will be our first trip to this impoverished part of the world. Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere.  We began this journey in 2014 taking our medical expertise to Grand Goave, Haiti working closely with a non-profit humanitarian organization called Hope Grows.  The goal of Hope Grows was to build a clinic that would allow medical teams or trained individuals to have a place to treat the sick and injured. A clinic where these  precious people would be seen and treated without any cost to them. A place where suffering can be eased and hope is renewed. A place where medical teams can be equipped to travel to the mountain villages. In 2016 this goal was accomplished. Peterborough Paramedics had the privilege of opening and using the clinic for the first time.  PPAB will be making yearly trips to Haiti for the purpose of restocking the clinic with medications and supplies.
This year we have been asked to take our team to Nicaragua to provide medical and humanitarian aid to those in the city of Diriamba and a few surrounding communities.  We consider this a great opportunity for PPAB to take our medical expertise and humanitarian services to this part of the world.

Would you consider financially “walking with” Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond as we travel to Nicaragua in September, 2020?

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