Haiti 2019

This is your personal invitation to financially “walk with” Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond, in conjunction with Hope Grows (hopegrows.ca), for the purpose of providing ongoing medical care to those in need.

Hope Grows is concentrating its efforts in the extremely impoverished community of Grand Goave. What makes Grand Goave unique is the diversity of its 117,000 inhabitants. 7,000 Haitians reside in the town of Grand Goave while the remaining 110,000 live in its 7 mountains ‘sections’. The mountain people receive very little aid or support because of their isolated location and limited road systems. They are forced to band together in small communities to face the everyday challenges of living in a 4th world country. Many of the population suffer and die from disease and ailments that could easily be treated and often cured. Malaria, scabies, lung disease, infection from untreated cuts and sores and complications during childbirth are only a few of the basic medical needs which often go untreated.

The very poor and isolated mountain people have to carry their sick and dying on their shoulders or on mules down the hazardous trails in search of help. It is a long arduous journey that can take up to 8 hours or longer. Often there is no help to be found. Many of them never make it.

The goal of Hope Grows was to build a facility that would allow medical teams or trained individuals to have a place to treat the sick and injured. A clinic where these precious people would be seen and treated without any cost to them. A place where suffering can be eased and hope is renewed. A place where medical teams can be equipped to travel to the mountain villages. In 2016 this goal has been accomplished. Peterborough Paramedics had the privilege of opening and using the clinic for the first time. A Haitian nurse was hired to run the clinic throughout the year and one day a week a Haitian doctor assists at the clinic.

Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond are excited to once again able to send a team with Hope Grows in February 2019. It is our intention to once again bring a glimmer of hope to the people of this community and surrounding area in Grand Goave, Haiti.

The goals of Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond – Haiti 2019 are…

  • Restock the clinic with necessary supplies and medications;
  • To assist Hope Grows in funding a Haitian doctor and nurse per year (~$6000)
  • To provide medical care in the mountain sections surrounding Grand Goave;
  • To educate the community of Grand Goave in the areas of health and wellness;
  • To assist Hope Grows in meeting their needs where necessary.
  • To raise funds for the expansion of the existing clinic for specialized care: (trauma; minor
    surgery; recovery phase; ears, eyes, nose & throat – ENT) – ($20,000)

Would you consider financially “walking with” Peterborough Paramedics & Beyond as we travel to Haiti in February 2019?

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